Mark Twain said “the clothes makes the man” and we know that preening and dressing ourselves says a lot about us.  That is why it should come to no surprise about the plethora of luxurious salons scattered across the UAE, all aiming to give the modern man that extra glam in his visage.
On, we took the liberty in looking at these top notch places for you. So set your headlights and save yourself the trouble of finding the best places that offer exceptional grooming for men! (you’re welcome).
Expect a chillax experience, leaving you looking good, smelling good and feeling good.
The retro themed spa has a knack for spoiling the gentlemen with manicures, pedicures, shaves, facials, massage, haircuts and hair removal from professional and well-mannered barbers.
Take a seat into the past as you feel like Al Capone in their fantastic, old-school style chairs.
Must try: If you are in the mood for something more quirky, try out their golf-massage. This one hour session has a reputation to set your deep muscles screaming. But it will be worth it when it’s over. Walk out feeling liberated from the tension in your body. You’ll even notice an unintentional Capone swag walk – untouchable.
This cavalier, state of the arts spa inherits its name from the smooth Jazz playing in it’s background. The spa has a no-hassle reputation, so you can take comfort that it’s easy to book and easy to find. This is obviously besides the expected world-class grooming services.
Must Try: Close your eyes and give-in to the cool tunes with their 90-minutes, 4-hand massage therapy. It will always ensures leaving your muscles breathing easy from all tension.
This award-winning gentleman lounge has a variety of niche services if you are feeling fancy. Ranging from Swedish massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, ‘destressor’ and the list goes on. So sit back in your recliner and turn on Netflix as you prepare for your pedicure.
Must Try: Their Ultimate Pampering Package: The CEO
If you want to go out of your way and try something that is definitely less generic and more cultural, why not give the country’s most prestigious hammam a go? This beautiful, oriental themed bath house prides itself to rejuvenate exhausted and weary skin with newfound vitality.
Must Try: Don’t get intimidated when they cover your body from top to bottom in black soap. As soon it flakes off, you will feel that your skin went backwards in time to a newfound youth.
Spanish for “man.” This no-nonsense barber shop is straight to the point to give you a world-class professional haircut. Their team is always more than happy to give you a consultation service without a pretentious vibe. They additionally have an array of services: a selection of shaves, massage and facials.
Must Try: In case you are literally having a bad-hair day, the Salon also offers an “Urban-fix” that basically aims to give a nifty repair job in case disaster strikes. For the nocturnal out there (or someone in dire need to prepare for a hot-date) this salon runs it’s business hours until late in the evening.

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