Terms of Service

Last Updated on December 2017.

For the users, QAYYEM is a review-based website and for the business owners, it is an advertisement plan and statistical reference.

Specifically, it is about sharing the ranks and reviews provided by the users to be a source afterwards for the users to rely on before choosing to deal with the business and a source for the business owners to show their quality and elite in running their business. Also, the business owners can get its benefit by advertising for their products through QAYYEM.

The terms that are mentioned below ensure the rights which you need to understand carefully for using QAYYEM. The terms are distributed to three sections. One of them shows what QAYYEM is allowed/not allowed to do. The next section is related to the users and what they should know before registering. The last section explains for the business owners their limitations in QAYYEM.

    • QAYYEM can use any of the users’ information which he/she had entered during registration for advertising or any other purpose. QAYYEM will show the name, display picture, pictures uploaded, ranks, and reviews of the user in the businesses pages in order to pass his/her opinions to the public.
    • QAYYEM can delete any of the reviews or images if they show disrespect to any religion, ethics, ethnicity, color, gender identity, age, and marital status. Also, QAYYEM can delete any review or image which is found to be inappropriate from their perspective or found to be insulting others.
    • QAYYEM will only accept entries written in either English or Arabic by the users or business owners.
    • QAYYEM is not responsible for any positive or negative rank or review from any user and for any business. Also, QAYYEM is not allowed to change the ranks or edit the reviews entered by the users.
    • QAYYEM can close any of the accounts if the account holder had not provided factual information about himself/herself, shown misusage of his/her account, shown repetitive violations in his/her reviews. (Please refer to 1.2)
    • QAYYEM will delete any business that is not showing the real pictures of their business, trying to manipulate the facts of their business, or if the users mentioned that what is posted in the business page does not reflect the reality of that business.
    • QAYYEM can only approve the claimed business once the business owner replies by e-mail that he understood the terms of service listed in QAYYEM website.
    • QAYYEM may face discontinuity in existence and our team will be working on bringing it back as soon as possible. Any complaints from the users or the business owners regarding this matter will be neglectable.
    • QAYYEM can modify or even terminate the website without prior notice. The modifications are necessary from time to time in order to bring you the best experience and try to facilitate as much as possible.
    • QAYYEM can show advertisements in popup window or at any place in any page and at any time. QAYYEM can choose any of the businesses pages for showing advertisements and any user to see the advertisements.
    • QAYYEM can update the terms of use anytime without informing before or after the update. The latest release of the terms of use will be always found in QAYYEM website.
    • Users who register in QAYYEM and access it should be above 12 years old. It is not QAYYEM responsibility if users who are below 12 years old uses QAYYEM with a fake date of birth.
    • Users who try to register with fake names or nicknames will not be accepted by QAYYEM and the account will be closed immediately. (Please refer to 1.5)
    • Users are not allowed to create another account if their original account was closed by QAYYEM. Also, competitors are not allowed to use QAYYEM.
    • After registering, users agree to receive emails containing newsletters or any other communication from QAYYEM.
    • Users are responsible to save their password safely. Any hacking done to the user from external source is not QAYYEM responsibility.
    • Users can reset their passwords by the link which is sent to the user’s e-mail address. Any request for changing the profile information will not be accepted as the user can change it by himself/herself. Users cannot change their email address once they had registered in order to help in resetting the password if required.
    • Users are responsible for their ranks and reviews and whatever is entered by them reflect their opinions only. QAYYEM can only delete reviews it if it violates the rules. (Please refer to 1.2)
    • Users do not have the right to modify a rank or edit a review which they had entered earlier.
    • Users accept the terms listed once they had registered in QAYYEM. Also, the users accept the updated terms as long as they are using QAYYEM.
    • Business owners are responsible for the credibility shown in their page. Any repetitive complains from the users on a specific business will lead to the deletion of that business from QAYYEM. (Please refer to 1.6)
    • Businesses in QAYYEM are ranked and reviewed only by the users. Business owners and QAYYEM are not allowed to modify or edit the ranks and the reviews of the users. (Please refer to 2.7 and 2.8)
    • Business owners can change their business category, detailed description, working hours, deals, photos, contact, location, and reply to users reviews in their page.
    • Business owners are responsible to save their password safely and they can reset them by the link which is sent to the business owner’s e-mail address. Any hacking done to the business owner from external source is not QAYYEM responsibility.
    • Business owners accept the terms listed once they had registered in QAYYEM. Also, the business owners accept the updated terms as long as they are using QAYYEM.

Disclaimer: QAYYEM only acts as review directory website, all product names, trademarks, service marks, logos, brands, industrial models and designs featured or referred to within this site are the sole property of their respective owners and/or right holders and are only provided for this site. QAYYEM acts as independent party and shall not be considered the representative, agent, employee, sponsor, joint venture partner or otherwise of such owners or right holders.