The sun maybe high and the heat maybe merciless but a second wind breezes through Dubai’s summer as many statistics shows that rent has started to cool down. That is is great news to many UAE residents as consumers now will be able to find cost of living much more affordable. Let’s not forget, Dubai is notorious for having the characteristic hotspot for those in the real-estate business looking for something worthwhile and secure.
We at appreciate how this can be an opportunity for those trying to capitalize and hunt for their new home-sweet-home. Here are our top picks for reliable and prominent real-estate agencies who will help you  look for that affordable sweet spot in the city that you can call your own.
Orion Holding’s philosophy seems to agree with our previous statement about how the lucrative real-estate in Dubai can provide prodigious opportunities. On top of that, they vow to help their client capitalize on said opportunities and convert them to prosperous benefits.
Garnering an extensive network of buyers and property developers, Orion Holding emphasises on cultivating and expanding a large database on what’s trending in the market. All to ensure to give you the best of the best when it comes to your heart’s desire of owning your very own home or professional space.
Dream Roofs Real Estate
This young and upcoming real-estate agency is already proving itself to be a formidable contender keeping up with the giants of the market. Promising to “eclipse” your expectations, Dream Roofs seeks to become a global centre in Dubai’s rapid paced market. Promoting a culture of innovation and creativity and ensuring transparency and crystal clear communication, Dream Roofs guarantee that you will receive services that will be unrivaled, no matter if your agenda is to buy or sell.
Leaving footprints of testimonial success that dates back to almost 45 years, the real-estate powerhouse has never ceased to grow when it comes to progress and quality. Delivering to you a line up of highly qualified professionals, progressive management and a gripping attention on personal customer service is the heart and soul of Gargash’s success. The wake of their success has allowed the innovation of several projects that embodies their dedication to give you quality excellence and creativity.
Hailing from Qatar, the real estate veteran has tossed its hat into the ring of Dubai’s real-estate market since 2006, bringing along with an experience of 27 years into the business. Since then, Al Madar has been involved in many projects, taking shape the form of modern and superior projects that are one of a kind. Al Madar prides itself off it’s  solid foundation that guarantees to yield Top-notch planning and accurate Feasibility studies for every single project, their commitment is sure to be dauntless.
Bringing in together a team of highly well versed veterans with over 32 years of experience in the market, Golden Sun Real Estate promises their customers utmost professionalism that will leave their clients brimming with confidence with their choice of brokers. With qualities such as transparency, quality, communication and delivery, time and time again, Golden Sun proves that they practice what they preach in order to grab your trust in their operations.

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