QAYYEM Rewards

Disclaimer: QAYYEM rewards system is currently effective only in UAE.

Earning rewards:

A QAYYEM User gains QAYYEM points from the following:

  • QAYYEM Points for Registration:                  500 points (one time only).
  • QAYYEM Points for daily site visit:               2 points per day only.
  • QAYYEM Points for Reviewing a business:  10 points only. (100 points max. per day i.e. 10 reviews per day are rewarded).
  • QAYYEM Points for Review Image:                5 points only per image uploaded. (150 points max. per day i.e. 30 images per day are rewarded).

Redeeming rewards:

QAYYEM points can be redeemed for a gift voucher at any of participating Retail Partners listed in

  • Minimum Points for Redeem: 10,000 Points (redeemed for $25 in value).
  • NB: Each 400 Points are equal to 1 US Dollars.