Greeting from the Qayyem Team! Below is a testimonial from one of our most active users. Do you agree?

S.T.: Being both a start-up entrepreneur and a cautious consumer, when I use classifieds, I like to ensure that I use every opportunity from all angles in the most efficient manner possible.
With businesses booming in Dubai for Expo 2020, it would seem that businesses and consumers alike would share the same sentiment of extorting every convenience in order to either expose themselves and establish credibility or pursuing niches or discovering exciting new venues and products.
Stumbling upon Qayyem, I have found the ability to do either or, and despite being new, I sense great potential in its utility.
What I loved the most:
For my business, it’s simple and free of ads. I was able to swiftly register my establishment, activities and location.
As a user on the Qayyem, I was easily able narrow down my wants with a simple few clicks of a button.
It’s clean and free of ads.
An opportunity for big and small business to build their reputation via reviews and an equal convenience to explore other establishment and venues that allows for maximum exposure.
What’s really in it for me – as a general user?
The most interesting thing I have seen on Qayyem is their point-reward system, “Qayyem points” which any registered user can earn by simply actively using the portal and then trading these points for real currency.
Users are encouraged in this case to review a business thus granting them points. It is an interesting thought, especially for the food reviewing connoisseurs out there who wouldn’t mind making an extra dollar or two (or more)!
My verdict:
Despite being relatively young and new to the e-commerce scene, Qayyem’s simplicity and ease of access makes it a worthy contender to it’s regional competition. I had great optimism in this portal’s potential as a hub of knowledge for consumers and businesses alike. Qayyem is indeed a hidden gem waiting to be dug up.

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