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    Not trust-able,,,,i went this week to change my Iphone 6 charging port which was malfunctioning. The Pakistani technician told me it will cost AED 70 to replace and will take 30 min to repair. I said i will wait and for my surprise he came back to me in 10 minutes and said its replaced and showed me its charging properly now.

    I was shocked when i saw the charging port still remains to be same with dirt and used scratch marks. It was fishy so i asked the technician to get me the original part which he claim to have removed and replaced with new. He was went pale and started blinking ,,i insisted so he started t search for the part , he took around 20 minutes and told me its missing and he would have misplaced somewhere. When i complained it to the shop owner he was not in a mood to listen . i paid AED 70 and took my mobile back since i was in a hurry.

    My advise will be never go to that shop they might be even selling fake mobiles and used phones they sell are all flashed or board changed or display changed which was confirmed to me by another pak sales man.

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