Whether it is for your new year’s revolution (yes we know it’s May, but it’s never too late), a change of venue or simply seeking the best fitness facilities, the Qayyem Team has taken this somewhat noble initiative to help out.

Here are the top picks – as voted by Qayyem.coms’ fitness-fanatic users:


Known as the biggest fitness centre in the UAE, Fit Republik houses a broad spectrum of activities. Regardless of what your inner fighter desires, you want it – they got it. Generic weightlifting station, martial arts training, gymnastics and an incredible Olympic size swimming pool for all the Phelp-Fans (alliterations unintended).

Beyond the basics: Head on down to their lively café and kitchen concept. Their staff ensures that their members are only served wholesome and fresh food, absent of any preservative and additives.

Fitness First

This giant establishment has around 27 fitness centers across the UAE. Yes we know what you’re thinking – another franchise that’s all about the quantity rather than quality.  But alas, fitness-goers have all actively voiced the amazing changes Fitness First has underwent recently – in terms of all their offerings. With their unique membership schemes, you can access their facilities at all locations by just a single membership*. Each facility is generously equipped with top-notch work-out equipment and lively trainers for the fitness-newbie. A number of their locations house swimming pools and saunas for the spa-feel.

Beyond the basics: Don’t like the treadmill? No problem. Ask about their impressive schedule of group or personal fitness classes. They will NOT disappoint.

*T&C Apply

Fitness 360°

A relatively new contender in the Dubai fitness scene – but do they know what we want? Yes they do. With four branches spread around the UAE, this fast-growing fitness brand is proving itself to be a formidable contender in the gym industry. Acclaiming to their motto, “world-class, affordable fitness option”, Fitness 360° is impressivley equipped with a variety of workout equipment.

Beyond the basics: Try before you buy? Yes please! Get in touch with them to discover their complimentary 3-day pass. They seem pretty confident that you’ll want to come back!

Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory was able to build reputation that revolves around it’s laid-back, zero-complexity environment. For those of you who just want to blow off steam after a hectic day – Fitness Factory is the place to be. Rest-assured, the grunting lifter, the make-up clad yogi and the treadmill-park-walkers will be well out of sight. Fitness Factory ensures their members get classic fitness fundamentals without a pretentious vibe.

Beyond the basics: Head to their cafe and sample, yet again, no-bull replenishment and artisan coffee.


Dubai truly is home of many ‘finer things in life’. Symmetry is an excellent example. Priding itself to be the most expensive gym in Dubai, Symmetry offers a unique philosophy. Tailor-made personal training programs where each member receives exemplary fitness services. Ultra-custom-made (a new word was in order) and highly personalised workout and diet programs is what we are talking about. After highly advanced fitness assessments, members embark on their fitness journey with a plan that is scientifically bound to work. Especially that you get your own Mr. Miyagi!

Beyond the basics: Their Fission-Fusion Training is certainly a controversial take on fitness. We won’t give you any more spoilers but we recommend that you get in touch (if the pockets can handle a cool fee of AED 15,000 – yikes!).

Fidelity Fitness

Besides the expected, this hip health club is equipped with an alluring outdoor pool and a relatively new craze: Oxygen Therapy. True to their name, the management certainly lives up to their motto: Trust that we’re going to get you where you want to be – in the shortest space of time, preferably in the most enjoyable way.

Beyond the basics: Fidelity fitness is known to host vertical race-ups within the buildings 68 floors. (Just thinking about it left us a bit breathless!)

Real Pilates

Embracing the true art of posture, inner-balance and fitness is what you will find here. The trainers at Real Pilates are nothing but gentle experts and are highly versed with this relatively new yet highly effective fitness practice.

A truly authentic Pilates studio that offers far beyond what you may think: state-of-the-art Pilates equipment (yes, they exist), vibrant yoga classes and various forms of rehabilitation.

Beyond the basics: We love that they offer pre and post-natal fitness programs. Tag a new mommy!






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