Ajman — Your Next Vacation Destination

Out of the seven Emirates in the UAE,Ajman is factually the smallest. It is located along the coasts of the Arabian Gulf that borders with Sharjah. Additionally, Ajman and Dubai are just 25 kilometers apart. Whether you want to experience a new place or you are there to do some Ajman shopping, thisEmirate offers tourists and locals alike withenjoyable activities.

Why Should You Visit Ajman?

  • Many surveys say that Ajman is the ultimate destination you must visit on the planet.
  • Among the Emirates, Ajman has a relaxed lifestyle and it is generally peaceful there.
  • The beaches are amazing with crystal clear waters.
  • Compared to the other Emirates of the UAE, Ajman is found to be the most cost-effective.
  • There is a plethora of hotels, villas, and many other types of accommodations so you do not have to worry about congestions.
  • Ajman is not so strict with alcohol consumption as long as it is done privately.
  • The Emirate is filled with a variety of the world’s cuisine along the Ajman Cornish Road.

Ajman’s Developing Economy

Throughout the years, Ajman has acquired many industrialand commercial enterprises mainly because of its close distance with Sharjah and Dubai. Moreover, the rising number of businesses that contribute to its economy can be attributed to the competitive low rentals.

Among the most known additions to the economyof Ajman are the growing number of resort hotels, the shopping complex at the city center, free zone, and the several educational institutions. Because of these additions and a few more that are currently in the works, it is safe to say that Ajman has already established its prominence in the business industry, attracting local and international investors.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Ajman

The Emirate promises a lot to its tourists and it doesn’t disappoint you.

Hereare various destinations that tourists can frequent and maximize their stay and be able to experience the best out of Ajman:

  • Ajman National Museum: The National Museum of Ajman was built during the latter part of the 18th Since then, it has become a must-see attraction in the city because of its historic value. The Museum was originally the place where the Ruler stays and it is the best place to understand more about the Emirate’s past that help shaped their present success.
  • Dhow Yard:Ask every tourist who has been to Ajman and they would most likely say that they enjoyed visiting the Dhow Yard. This is where tourists can witness how dhows are created using the traditional methods. You will also be able to see speed boats that are more modern being crafted here that they send to join the Dubai Speed Boat Races.
  • Ajman Beaches:Of course, your visit to Ajman would not be complete without experiencing its pristine beaches. It has always been a favorite destination because of its crystal clear waters and the peaceful vibe that surrounds it. So, after you go Ajman shopping, be sure to stop by the Ajman beaches and spend just a simple relaxing afternoon.

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