Privacy Policy

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QAYYEM understands the importance of privacy for users, business owners, and itself. Therefore, a policy had been created to clarify the understandings of the privacy for all parties.



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    Once the user or business owner had registered, QAYYEM will save the information which is entered by them.


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    Once the user chooses to register through the social networks provided, their data will be stored in QAYYEM.


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    The user cannot edit his/her email address once he/she had created their account.


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    The business owner can control his/her business page “as mentioned in the terms section” once he/she had claimed their business.


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    The user or business owner can change their passwords whenever they want to.


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    QAYYEM may use the user’s location details to improve their search of businesses.


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    QAYYEM may use the user or business owner information for facilitating their usage, contacting them, advertising, or statistical purposes.


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    QAYYEM may save the user search results, location details, or any transaction for providing suggestions in the future or any other purpose that may help in improving the functionalities in QAYYEM or making interaction with QAYYEM better.


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    QAYYEM will save all ranks, reviews, or replies provided by the users in order to display it in QAYYEM for helping other users in choosing the right businesses to deal with and helping business owners in advertising and knowing the level of satisfaction for their customers.


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    QAYYEM will save all entries provided by business owners in order to show it for users registered in QAYYEM to know the update of the business category, detailed description, working hours, deals, photos, contact, location, and reply to users reviews.


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    QAYYEM may use cookies and it may include information about you, your interests, system data, or network data. Using cookies will help in remembering you if wanted, providing suggestions based on your interests, providing related advertisements, sending your device type to improve your interface, and whatever may help in improving QAYYEM.


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    Users or business owners may invite friends to QAYYEM and their information will be saved in QAYYEM to send invitations and for future usages.


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    QAYYEM will close any account or delete any business that is violating any of QAYYEM terms.


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    The user can close his/her account anytime they want to. In that case, their details will be removed but their transactions done in QAYYEM will not be removed.


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    The privacy policy can be updated anytime and the recent version will be available on QAYYEM.


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